Washing guide

Have you ever wondered how to wash your plushies?

In order to enjoy your custom-made Mayuk products for as long as possible, please follow the instructions below.

In order to preserve the original colour and shape of the plush, it can be washed on a delicate programme at low heat in wash bags or pillow cases (max 30C°).
Also, when spinning, please spin them at low speed to prevent dizziness.
It is best to hang them by their ears and feet in a well-ventilated room!
Do not machine dry, iron or bleach them!

In order to make the Mayuk bibs waterproof, there is a thin layer of foil between the layers. Therefore, when washing, please pay attention to the following.
Wash at low temperature (max 30C°).
If there is a stubborn stain, wash with a stain remover suitable for the stain.
Ironing without steam on low heat on the recommended setting for synthetics is allowed but not recommended.
Do not machine dry or bleach!

Triangle Bibs:
As their plush counterparts, wash on a delicate programme at low heat to preserve their colour for a long time (max 30C°).
Iron and dry on low heat, taking care of the plastic patent lock!
Do not bleach!

Thank you!